Brutte copie? Imitazioni, parodie e influenze di Twin Peaks nella programmazione dei network statunitensi (1990-1997)

Matteo Pollone

The essay examines the television series that during the Nineties borrowed from Twin Peaks themes, atmospheres, ideas, visual solutions and ‒ in some cases ‒ a certain "author" tone. Alongside The X-Files (Fox, 1993-2002), Twin Peaks' most successful "son", the essay deals with Northern Exposure (CBS, 1990-1995), Eerie, Indiana (NBC, 1991-1993), Picket Fences (CBS, 1992-1996), Wild Palms (ABC, 1993-1993) and American Gothic (CBS, 1995-1996). The essay proceeds according to the identification of a series of characteristics that pass directly from Twin Peaks to these products: the irruption of the fantastic into everyday life, the legitimacy on the great networks of horror atmospheres and images, the interest in the American province, and others.