Come Twin Peaks cambiò la televisione, per sempre

Jacopo Bulgarini d'Elci

On April 8, 1990, ABC aired the first episode of Twin Peaks. It was groundbreaking: in the history of television there’s a before and after Twin Peaks. And we can trace the influence of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s show still today, in the universe of the Complex TV it very much contributed to shape.
In this visual introduction (a 25 minutes video-documentary), I try to underscore Twin Peak’s relevance by using four iconic episodes of the original seasons (1x01, 1x03, 2x07, 2x22) to illustrate four theses. Thanks to Twin Peaks, suddenly TV was allowed: 1) to be complex; 2) to be not necessarily reassuring; 3) to build a closer-to-cinema experience; 4) to be a fully artistic medium.