Bangert Sara

Sara Bangert is working and teaching as a research assistant at the German Department of the University of Tübingen. Her current research interests include Aesthetic Modernity and Avant-Garde Studies, similarity/resemblance, mimesis and representation, theories of small forms and poetics of idiorrhythmy, non-working and vagabondage. She completed her doctorate with the thesis “Entgrenzte Ähnlichkeit. Zur Konjunktur des Ähnlichen im Milieu des Surrealismus"(University of Tübingen 2020; unpublished manuscript). The dissertation project arose in the context of the research on similarity based in Tübingen (cf. BHATTI A., KIMMICH D. (eds.) (2015), Ähnlichkeit. Ein kulturtheoretisches Paradigma, with the assistance of Sara Bangert, Konstanz University Press, Konstanz; transl. 2018 as: Similarity. A Paradigm for culture theory, Tulika, New Dehli) and dealt with the Surrealists’ programmatic and productive involvement with aesthetic and epistemological figures of thought of the similar and its reconceptualisation of resemblance. Her publications in this context include: "Ähnlichkeit als Konzept des SurRealismus", in BAßLER M. (Hg.), Realisms of the Avant-Garde, Berlin 2020; "Rapprochement, Documents, Sciences diagonales. Transversale Ähnlichkeitskonzepte im Milieu des Surrealismus", in lendemains 44: 173 (2019), pp. 49-67; "'Unähnliche Ähnlichkeit' in Romantik und Surrealismus", in LÜBCKE S./THUN J. (eds.), Romantik und Surrealismus. Eine Wahlverwandtschaft?, Bern 2018, pp. 185-206.


Sympathie mimétique: On the Persistence of Resemblance in Aesthetic Modernity (Mimetofobia)