Kiilerich Bente

Bente Kiilerich is Professor of Art History at the University of Bergen, Norway and a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. She has published extensively on Greek, late antique and Byzantine art and aesthetics as well as on the reception of antiquity in contemporary art. Her articles have appeared in international journals, among which Acta ad archaeologiam et artium historiam pertinentia, Acta Archaeologica, Antiquité tardive, Arte Medievale, Jahrbuch des deutschen archäologischen Instituts, Jahrbuch für Antike und Christentum, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Journal of Art Historiography, Musiva et Sectilia, Studies in Iconography, Symbolae Osloenses.


From Antique Mimesis to Contemporary Hyperrealism (Mimetofobia)