Parente-Čapková Viola

Viola Parente-Čapková is an Adjunct Professor of Finnish Literature at the University of Turku, Finland, where she is currently working as a Senior Lecturer and as a Project Leader of Texts on the Move: Reception of Women’s Writing in Finland and Russia 1840–2020 (Emil Aaltonen Foundation, University of Turku & University of Tampere). She is also an Adjunct Professor of Theory of Literature at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Her major specialization is fin de siècle and early twentieth century literature with a focus on Finland and women’s writing. She has published extensively on women writing decadence (e. g. Decadent New Woman (Un)Bound: Mimetic Strategies in L. Onerva’s Mirdja, 2014) and has worked on fin de siècle women writers’ cultural transmission, cultural agency and transnational reception (e. g. Matilde Serao’s reception in Finland). She co-edited various volumes, including Nordic Literature of Decadence (2019) and since 2017, she has acted as a Board Member of the DARIAH-EU Working Group Women Writers in History.


Seekers of Secret Worlds in Finland’s Early Twentieth Century Literature (Il segreto)

Editoriale (Il segreto)