Spiders from Mars. (Re)Configuring Musicians’ Stories through their Songs


  • Michele Sala Università degli studi di Bergamo



Parole chiave:

Popular music, Pop culture, Titles, Self-representation, Non-fictional narrative


The present article investigates the idea of movement in terms of re-generation, re-writing and re-semiotization, where movement is not to be intended only as the one from one code to another, but from one dimension to another (from experiential to textual), from one position to another (from surface to core, from general to particular, and vice versa), from one discursive perspective to another (from extended to brief, from detailed to synthetic, from articulated to simple, and vice versa). More specifically, this analysis focusses on Popular Music artists’ biographies and autobiographies, where the artist’s life experience is morphed into a textual artefact, a story, and, notably, the focus will be on the type of titles that writers choose for these stories. Being musicians known for their musical output – simply put, their songs – the present investigations seeks to see how biographers and autobiographers resort to song references in order to provide impactful and coherent handles for their stories, that is to say, titles that will, firstly, help identify the artist in connection to a recognizable part of their production, secondly, that may embody and condense the sense of such stories in catchy one-liners and, thirdly, that will anticipate and cohere with the contents to be found in the ensuing texts.

Biografia autore

Michele Sala, Università degli studi di Bergamo

Michele Sala, PhD (University of Bergamo), MA (Youngstown State University, Ohio), is an associate professor in English Language and Translation at the University of Bergamo (Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures), where he teaches English linguistics and translation at graduate and undergraduate level. He is a member of AIA (Associazione Italiana di Anglistica), CERLIS (Centro di Ricerca sui Linguaggi Specialistici), CLAVIER (Corpus and Language Variation in English Research Group) and a member of the scientific and editorial board of the CERLIS Series (international peer-reviewed volumes on specialized languages). His research activity deals with genre and discourse analysis, as well as argumentative and persuasive discourses across domains and cultures.




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Sala, M. (2024). Spiders from Mars. (Re)Configuring Musicians’ Stories through their Songs. Elephant & Castle, (32), 202–214. https://doi.org/10.62336/unibg.eac.32.514