Back on Track


  • Fabio Cleto Università degli studi di Bergamo


Parole chiave:

Nostalgia, Science Fiction, Presentism, Time, Generation


This paper addresses the current nostalgia mode, from the most diverse areas of merchandising and cultural production to the very contours of today’s ‘connected’ sociality. Current nostalgia seems to impede creativity and the very idea of a future, which would appear to be unthinkable without being filtered by the the sepia lens of a cosmetic vision of the past. In TV programs, cinema, fashion or advertisement, cars or pop music, our time is the time of quotation, revival, and remake. It is a zombie time in which the future coincides with the generational time one regrets the loss of. It is a cosmetic time of hyperkinetic immobility, in which the future is a retro concept – a time that deprives subjectivity back into a full sense of its contemporaneity.

Biografia autore

Fabio Cleto, Università degli studi di Bergamo

Fabio Cleto is Full Professor of English Literature and Cultural History at the University of Bergamo. An authority on the theory and practice of camp, on which he published three books (ed., Camp: Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject, 1999; Per una definizione del discorso camp, 2006; PopCamp, 2008), his research interests include gender and sexuality, visual and transmedia culture, and the politics of representation. He has published books on nineteenth-century literary dissidence (Percorsi del dissenso nel secondo Ottocento britannico, 2001), on the mid-Sixties transatlantic economy of “pop secrecy” (Intrigo internazionale. Pop, chic, spie degli anni Sessanta, 2013), on the obscenity of the Noughties (Fuori scena. Gli anni Zero e l’economia dell’osceno, 2014) and on TV series (ed., Tempo di serie. La temporalità nella narrazione seriale, 2018). He has written for cinema, television, newspapers and the web; he has also edited academic book series and directed cultural festivals. In 2019, his work inspired the Camp: Notes on Fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.




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Cleto, F. (2024). Back on Track. Elephant & Castle, (32), 258–265.